Tumblr, can you please spread awareness of the riots currently breaking out in Glasgow city centre in George Square -
Union supporters have begun rioting in the city waving Union Jacks, saluting Nazis and attacking nationalists.
Absolutely nothing is being reported on BBC News, Sky News or ITV news! Spread the word!

why? whats happening? and isnt not covering a bunch of racists a good thing? it could encourage other racists to join in

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Tokyo Ghoul

whoops forgot to loop the top gif XD, photoshop used to have it automatic, now it defaults to once

Tokyo Ghoul by Chibiallen

A New song by me (well its kinda old) but it is inspired by Joe Hisaishi and My Neighbor Totoro, so i hope you guys like it.

Tokyo Ghoul by Yusuflpu
[2014.08.05]Summer - Tokyo Ghoul by SHION-CHEN
ghoul by 43154
Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul by ebifuu
uta (tokyo ghoul) by vitorsantos18
Ghoul? by LinusKew
tokyo ghoul:. by miaokep
Kaneki Ken of Tokyo Ghoul - I Must Eat by Clari3